Fanno Creek Greenway
(From SW Allen Blvd to Denney Road)
February 11th, 2017

The intersection of SW Scholl Ferry Road and SW Allen Blvd
I call it the "Burgerville Entrance"

It is time to walk again after seemingly a long winter, the sun is out!

The first bench to sit on, a total of three I think along the way.

The trail is wide and dry.

In fact this is the widest trailway I encountered!

I think B/W is more dramatic

I walked 1.8 miles round-trip, well almost!

Trail of the bridges, I counted there are 12 bridges in this trail.

Fanno Creek

Only in winter I could take this picture.

A closer shot....

Is graffiti an art?

Rod is checking this branch of the trail.

The longest bridge that I encountered.

End of the trail, SW Denney Road is just 400 feet away

We spotted a hawk and two crows.


(c) yongkieandpokie