L. A. Trip
A collection of iPhone 6 images
March 31st to April 18th, 2017

Sundial Bridge, Redding, California

In-N-Out, Medford (the first for Oregon)

"Superb", a sign I found in Americana, Glendale

Oooh the dessert....Little Saigon, Westminster

Vietnamese dish, we could not find it here in Portland, OR

Americana, Glendale

Americana, Glendale

I am happy I found my trolley, battery operated...


Forum, Irvine

Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park

The greenest restroom!

Hummingbird ready to fly...

Must be a meat establishment?

Self Portraiture

Churro in a look, LA craze

Really....Lululemon window

Tustin in the early 1900


Porto Bakery (the newest), Buena Park
Another LA Craze

The best restroom sign!

Kyoto? .....No....It is Mitsuwa, Irvine

Moon over Thai Kitchen, Irvine

Snooze, an AM Eatery

A tree that I like..


Which color do you like?

On the way home, Medford, OR

7 Feathers Casino, restroom stop

Bonus image...Have a beautiful day

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