Sundial Bridge
Redding, California
March 31st, 2017

"The picturesque city of Redding serves as Shasta Cascade's hub and is home
to the internationally-acclaimed Sundial Bridge"

VIA Magazine - AAA Oregon May-June 2017

Let's walk, shall we?

There's a museum in this park

This stunning, glass decked pedestrian bridge links south and north sides of
the Sacramento River and connects the extensive walking and biking trail.

To the left of this image is the south side of the Sacramento River.

I have created many abstracts of this bridge

Notice the shadow of the Sundial Bridge! - now go to the picture

The shadow will cover this "ball" at 2:00 PM on June 21st ONLY or Summer Solstice.
This clock is accurate for one day out of the year...

The walking trail on the north side of the river

This was warm and extremely sunny compare where we started in Portland area.

(c) yongkieandpokie